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How to Talk to Your Family About Cannabis

How to Talk to Your Family About Cannabis


Growing up in a family where both parents were recreational marijuana users, I was always curious about why they used the drug so much. Their reasons and experiences with cannabis were different from mine, but they shared their stories with me anyway—and I decided it was time to have a conversation with my family about pot as well.

Start the conversation by asking questions.

  • Ask open-ended questions. It’s important to keep the conversation going, so you can learn more about your family member’s experience with cannabis and answer their questions. You could ask them what they think about medical marijuana, or if they’ve ever tried it before. You might even want to ask if there are any stories from their past that could help explain why they feel the way they do about this topic today–or even just get them talking about something else entirely!
  • Don’t be afraid of silence! If you don’t know what else to say after asking a question, just let it sit for a minute while everyone thinks about an answer (or takes another bite of food). Your relative may have a lot more insight into their views than either one of us knows yet; sometimes all we need is time for our brains’ synapses to connect so those insights can come out naturally in conversation without seeming forced or unnatural at all.”

Educate yourself before talking to your loved ones.

Before you make any attempt to talk to your loved ones about cannabis, it’s important that you have a solid understanding of the facts. There are plenty of resources available online and in bookstores that can help educate you on the topic. It’s also advisable to speak with someone who has experience with or knowledge of cannabis–a friend or family member who uses medical marijuana may be able to provide valuable insight into their own experiences with it, for example.

Once you’ve done some research (and perhaps even tried using marijuana yourself), ask yourself if there are any lingering doubts or questions about this drug. If there are still things about its effects on health or society that concern you, then now is not yet the time for a big reveal! If everything seems fine but still feels complicated enough so as not to be easily explained by simple factoids alone…then maybe now is still not yet ready either? Either way: take comfort knowing there will always be another opportunity later down road when everything feels more settled inside yourself first before bringing up something potentially controversial like this with others close by whom may disagree strongly enough over such topics where conflict could arise between friends/family members due outta sheer disagreement alone without even getting into actual arguments being sparked off because one person thinks differently than another person does regarding certain issues.”

Remember that everyone processes information differently.

You may have to repeat your message. You might have to explain things more than once, and you might even need to be patient with those who don’t immediately understand or agree with what you’re saying.

Remember that everyone processes information differently, so just because they don’t get it right away doesn’t mean they won’t eventually come around!

Be prepared for anger, rejection and resistance.

You should expect some resistance. Your family members may have questions or concerns about cannabis, and they may not be sure how to talk about them with you. They might be worried that using cannabis will hurt your health or make it harder for you to succeed in life. Or they could feel like their own lives would be easier if you didn’t smoke weed at all–after all, many people still believe that marijuana is harmful when used regularly.

In addition, some people feel uncomfortable talking about a substance that’s illegal under federal law but legal in several states (as well as Canada). If your family members don’t approve of what you’re doing, it’s possible that they won’t want to hear about it at all!

Use a calm, nonjudgmental approach to start the conversation about cannabis with family members or friends.

If you’re planning to talk to your family about cannabis, be prepared for a negative reaction. You may want to ask yourself some questions before you begin: Are they conservative? Religious? Do they follow the news and know what’s going on in society? If you think they’ll be open-minded, try starting with something simple like “I’m thinking of trying CBD.” If they aren’t receptive or say something negative like “That stuff is dangerous,” don’t argue with them! It’s better to let the conversation end than get into an argument over whether or not cannabis is good for people who suffer from certain illnesses.

You also need to be prepared for a positive response from those around you–and even from yourself! Although there are many reasons why someone might support legalization (such as lower crime rates), one common reason people choose cannabis over alcohol or prescription drugs is because it doesn’t have any side effects like hangovers or drowsiness after use; this makes sense considering that our bodies evolved alongside these plants over millions of years during which time their chemical makeup evolved alongside ours too! So go ahead: start talking about how awesome it would be if we could all enjoy ourselves without worrying about getting sick later…

Set aside time to have a conversation with your loved ones about marijuana use without interruptions from other family members or friends who do not agree with you.

  • Set aside time to have a conversation with your loved ones about marijuana use without interruptions from other family members or friends who do not agree with you.
  • Make sure the person you are talking to is in a good mood, and that they know that you’re there for them. You don’t want them to feel attacked or defensive when discussing this topic–you just want to have an open dialogue about it!
  • Ensure privacy: no one else should be listening in on your conversation besides yourself and whoever else is involved in this discussion.

Consideration, compassion and patience will help you talk to people you love about how they feel about cannabis

When you’re talking to your family about cannabis, it’s important to remember that they may have different opinions than you. You can’t expect everyone in your family to be on board with your decision or even understand why it’s so important for you.

Consideration and compassion will help guide the way in these conversations. If someone has concerns about cannabis use, take time to listen and understand where they’re coming from before explaining why their opinions don’t apply in this case.

Patience is key when discussing personal choices with loved ones; don’t forget that these conversations aren’t just about the substance itself–they can also serve as opportunities for deeper discussions about identity and values within families


Now that you’re ready to talk to your loved ones about cannabis, it’s time to get started! Remember that everyone processes information differently and has different levels of knowledge about marijuana use. Your goal should be to start a conversation by asking questions and listening carefully for what their concerns may be. You might also want to educate yourself before having this discussion so that you can refer back to facts or statistics if needed during this process. We wish you all the best on this journey towards understanding each other better as well !”

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